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  • Not knowing when to enter and exit the market

    This is an essential aspect of effective trading and once mastered it will significantly help you to manage risk and bring in great results. It’s important to remember the basic principle of trading: a market can go in one of two directions – up or down. Trading is, after all, a game of probability. It relies on a calculation and assessment which, when assessed accurately, can lead to success on the market. We use candlestick analysis and price action to teach techniques that help you identify and calculate those probabilities, giving you higher rates of success.

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  • Where and how can you start trading?

    • This course is designed to teach you the intricacies of trading, step-by- step. Why? Because we have the experience to understand that to become a successful trader you need to have a solid understanding of each and every step in the trading process.
    • After we have taught the basic principles we move on to develop a more in depth understanding;our approach is systematic and effective. So, using our candlestick analysis as an example, we would discuss the body and wick of the candle. We explore what each might represent and discuss if we think the candle meets the requirements of a specified category; we then take that forward to look at the risk reward ratio and learn how to put theory into practice.
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  • Emotional balance

    Learning to be emotionally balanced is one of the most important factors that contributes to the success of a trader. The very best traders have learnt to think only in terms of probability, rather than in terms of financial loss or gain. We teach you how to think like a professional trader,equipping you with core skills such as reasoning and assessment.

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  • Struggling in spite of high probability setups

    If you’ve found a high probability trade but can’t convert it into a profit then the likely problem is a lack of knowledge of risk management – something that plays a critical part in all FX trading. During this course we’ll ensure you fully understand all the key elements of both principles, ensuring you’re ready to trade in next to no time.

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What Our Clients Say About MyForexTradingSchool

I really enjoyed the lesson you taught, including your style and approach to trading Forex.


I was new to Forex and have been using your methods with some success.


I want to thank you for teaching me Forex. It was money well spent. I really appreciate it.