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Introduction to Forex Trading Business What is Forex ? What is traded in Forex ? What is Forex Trading or Currency trading and how does that happen ? Major Currency Pairs ? Cross currency pairs?

Market Size and Liquidity of Forex market .Why is Dollar called as King . Different Ways to Trade Forex ? Effect of Forex on other financial markets ?

Who Trades Forex? More info on Forex market participants

Difference between Forex Market and Other Markets. Advantages of Forex Trading over other markets .

Basic Terminology used in Forex Trading world

Types of analysis in Forex markets: Fundamental analysis , Sentimental analysis and Technical analysis .

Reading the currency quote in Forex. Explanation of bid and ask prices.

Defining a Pip .What do you mean by Leverage in Forex markets ? Defining Margin in Forex .

Defining Equity , Balance , Lot size , Spread and Commission . Defining StopLoss and TakeProfit. Example of StopLoss and TakeProfit

Defining Trend and identifying Trend. How a trader makes money in Forex ?

Why do exchange rates fluctuate so fast ? Explanation with examples

Introduction to Forex Brokers

How to choose a right Broker before you start your Trading Business.

How to detect if your Broker is cheating you ?

Different Types of Forex Frauds you should be aware of

Forex Trading Sessions

Best Time of a Day to Trade Forex . Best Time of the Week to Trade Forex . Worst Time of a day to Trade .

Types of Orders in Forex market

Understanding what are the market orders and pending orders. Types of pending orders ( Sell Stop,Buy Stop,Sell Limit,Buy Limit)

Taking you through registration process with a Forex Broker

Registering with a broker and opening a trading account. Downloading your trading terminal platform.Opening a demo account for practice with real time environment .

Mt4 trading terminal introduction

Mt4 trading terminal introduction. Customizing chart Setting up your mt4 terminal. Adding indicators to your mt4. Setting up profiles in your mt4. Place your first market order

Placing market orders and pending orders on terminal with live examples

Defining Support and Resistance lines. Drawing your Support and Resistance lines on charts

Introduction to candlesticks and price action

Introduction to candlesticks and price action. Why indicators are delayed .

Why choose Price Action Trading

Types of signals , Continuation and Reversal Pattern signals

Legends of Forex Trading



This video tells you what is required after learning the Basics .

Identifying Trend

Drawing Support and Resistance levels

Technical analysis section

Candle Stick Introduction

Spinning Top

Doji in Downtrend


Inverted Hammer

Bullish Engulfing Pattern

Tweezers Bottom

Piercing Pattern

Morning Star

Doji In Uprend

Spinning Top

Shooting Star

Hanging Man

Tweezers Top

Dark Cloud Cover

Bearish Engulfing Pattern

Evening Star

Understanding Risk management

The 2 percent Rule

How to place the Stoploss orders using Risk Reward Ratio

Understanding Psycology of Trading

Emotions that run the trade

How to control emotions during trade

Changing the trading Attitude

Introduction To trading plan

Creating your own trading plan

Identifying a profitable Trading method

Equity vs Forex

Sandwich candle strategy

Elephant candle strategy

Railway track strategy

Single candle continuation strategy

Putting all together video

Live Trading Video examples