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Time line

We have designed this section of the course to allow you to choose how and when to study. You can choose from two options:

Option one

If you would like to study full time (six to eight hours per day) then this study timeline is designed to enable you to complete the full course in four days.

Option two

If you have other commitments and can only spare one hour per day then you can choose to study at a slower pace, allowing you to continue to go to work or attend college alongside studying this course. By choosing this option you will complete this course in 24 days.

To keep your learning on track, we have provided a daily target for you to follow and our video section will further help develop your understanding.

Section one: Introduction

Are you new to trading Forex? Don’t know where and how to start? Not to worry, we are here to help you every step of the way.

This section will:

  • Give you a basic introduction to the Forex market.
  • Assist you in choosing a broker to open up a trading account.
  • Provide you with a step by step PowerPoint presentation on how to open and register your account.
  • Help you download the trading terminal and explain to you the basics of terminal.

We have also included a video that helps you understand how the trading terminal works and explains how to place your first trading call.

Section two: Price Action

If you are already in the trading world you can opt to skip the above sections and begin the course here, in our Price Action section.

In this section of the course you will:

  • Learn about candlestick charts.
  • Develop an understanding of the basics of candlesticks.
  • Learn about the different structures of candlesticks and the reasons for those formations.
  • Develop an understanding of the basics of Trend and its identifying mechanisms.
  • Learn about identifying and drawing Support and Resistance Zones. We know the probability of winning trades is higher if a trader can draw these zones correctly, so we place additional

importance on this topic and provide video and chart examples to help you fully understand this element of the course.

Following these initial sections we move on to learning about candlestick structures. There are 14 types of Price Action analysis, which we explain in detail. A detailed video explanation is provided for every price action technique to help your understanding of this element.

In addition to explaining patterns and structures, we also cover the following:

  • Different opportunities to enter and exit the market, with charts.
  • An essential overview about the importance of knowing when and when not to enter a market.

We cover all of the critical issues that an untrained trader is likely to overlook. And you can be assured your learning is comprehensive thanks to more than one hundred charts and many videos supporting your learning.

Section three: Risk Management

Trading is a business and it is important to know how much you can risk in your business. That’s why a perfect risk management system is required to manage risk effectively and to help us avoid unexpected issues.

In this section we:

  • Develop an understanding of risk and how to manage it.
  • Learn how to calculate Risk-Reward ratio.
  • Learn the basic 2% rule and find out when to avoid a trading call in spite of a good reversal signal.

Section four: Emotional Balance

The world is full of people will technical knowledge, but to trade well we need more than just know-how. We need emotional balance, which is an essential skill that every trader should master.

We trade with and for financial gain – or, in basic terms, money. Money is directly related to emotion. It can make us feel euphoric and relaxed or panicked and stressed, and for that reason we must learn to manage and control our emotions as part of our trading activity.

This section gives guidance on:

  • Trader psychology: different types of emotions that control a trader.
  • How to identify emotions.
  • How to overcome your emotions during trading.

Section five: Two minute strategy information

Tired of looking for profitable strategies? There are many courses which charge you money for nothing more than simple strategy explanations. We are different. We help you with four profitable strategies that take less than two minutes to learn. The best bit is that they are free! We offer them as a bonus section as part of the course.

Section six: Videos

We know it can be easier to learn when you watch something, so in this section we have included videos of every Price Action signal and its entry and exit points with examples related to the concepts that you have learnt in the Price Action section. We take you through short videos of less than five minutes in length on each session to help you understand the concepts more clearly.

Section seven: Downloads

In this section we look at the tools available to help you trade. We cover:

Tool 1: Lot size calculator

  • This helps to determine the trading lot size based on the traders StopLoss and Equity balance.

Tool 2: Trading Journal which helps you in,

  • Record keeping activity that has to be maintained by every trader.
  • Helps trader to be more disciplined and systematic with his trades.

Tool 3: Trend direction indicator

  • This helps the trader in identifying the trend of the currency pair as per different time frames

Section eight: Regular Trading calls update

In this section we have the live calls regularly updated by an expert analyst with charts, and reasons for entering calls.

We cover:

  • The reason for entering a call with an explanation for entering.
  • An analysis of the entry and exit points.
  • When to enter a call and when not to enter a call.

Section nine: Forex vs Equity

This section helps you to understand the difference between Forex and Equity markets. Here we cover:

  • The differences between the two markets and explain their backgrounds.
  • The difference between the candlestick formations and analysis in an equity market and Forex market.
  • A detailed image based explanation on where the candle stick formations differ.

That’s it, you’re ready to trade

After completing all sections of this course you’ll be equipped with the essential knowledge to trade equity, Forex, commodities, oil, or anything that looks of interest across the world. It’s time to begin your new trading career!

Community Page :

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