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Mentorship Programme

It is very easy for people to become a ‘Trader’, but to become a Successful professional trader is a tough task. It requires proper guidance, patience and practice.

Lot of people start their trading careers with a big dream of making good amount of money, but most times it end up in great loss. Why it happens?

In our video about the legends, we have introduced you to some of the most famous and successful traders in the world. How did these people achieve their success? The answer is simple. They learned the secret of trading and applied it in a systematic way. Some of them were lucky too to get mentors and some of them learned themselves in a tough way.

Introducing myself as a professional trader who got into trading by continuous hard work and immense training. I would like to share with you some of the experiences I had during my journey of over a decade. Even though I had to suffer a loss of few thousand dollars initially, later I could acquire all the required knowledge to derive a successful strategy by spending lot of hours on test and research. It is great pleasure and excitement when we could find new systems and strategies.

By searching on internet we could find thousands of trading systems and free study materials. But when once we start learning using them, we will understand that they are not arranged systematically and the available information seems scattered like puzzles. Surely it will result in loss of our valuable time and thousands of dollars, through the process of trying to figure out and rearrange these scattered puzzles.

All of us know that “Time is Money”. As the proverb says “Wise people learn from others mistakes whereas fools learn only after experiencing it”. It is a harsh truth.

Forex Trading is a serious business where we have no time to waste by trial and error. The primary requirement to become a successful trader is to be serious in our approach. We should understand the do’s and don’ts in the business. Also it is very much necessary to understand the environment in which we operate the business. The stories of traders who could not achieve success can throw light to the possible mistakes that can happen and hence can be avoided. A thorough understanding of the amount of risk for every dollar should be known. Performing trading in a risky and at unfavorable market conditions is not worth. Our one to one mentor ship program covers all the details on how to do this business

Our course teaches you on ‘How to become a successful trader’.

The success formula of Trading is,

Considering saving your valuable time, we have designed this course into multiple sections,

In the mentoring tutorial of “MyForexTradingSchool”, you will get access to the following:

Full Basic Foundation course :

Not to worry if you are new to Forex Trading. In this section we cover all the topics on,

  • How to and where to start your Trading business .
  • Provide more than 30+ introductory videos on basics of Forex market.
Full Advanced price action course

After the basic foundation course, you will be equipped with the knowledge on how to setup your business. Now it is time to know how to do your business.

In this section, we will go through the following topics as,

  • When you should initiate a business
  • When should you avoid the business trading call.
  • What to do if things are going against you.
  • How much should you risk in this business
  • The attitude you need to develop when you are in trading business

Moreover, we also give access to following topics too as additional benefits:

  • More than 15+ videos on advanced price action course.
  • Full access to price action course material covering 16 price action strategies.
  • Risk management course.
  • Emotional balance course.
  • 4 short quick strategies ( bonus )
  • Tools used in Trading

Okay !! In addition to all the above benefits offered, we also provide provision to monitor your performance, thereby guiding you on places where you are going wrong.

We will be conducting webinars, where you will get familiar with other powerful systems. In those webinars, you will get the opportunity to interact with us and clear your doubts. Personal email assistance also will be provided as per the requirement.

In our 20 hours online mentoring, we cover the below topics,
  • Analyze and give feedbacks on your trades.
  • Teach you how to trade Ichimoku trend system
  • Teach you how to Combine Ichimoku with price action trading to give the best high probable trading system in the world.
  • How to place orders.
  • How to combine a trend catching system with price action.
  • How to calculate Risk Reward ratios
  • Designing a trading plan.
  • Training your trading attitude.
  • Helping you to correct your trading and ensure you follow proper risk management
  • Ensure that you follow your trading plan.
  • Secret strategy to help you grow in your Forex business.
  • Personal email consultation.

We ensure you that, by the end of this training, you will be provided with the complete knowledge on how to trade, what to trade and how to become successful in this business . Why not give it a try if you are serious about this business ?

Register here for our Mentorship Program